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                Unfair Competition Prevention Act

                Unfair competion prevention act  

                What’s New

                Outline of Unfair Competition Prevention Act

                The Unfair Competition Prevention Act regulates infringement of trade secrets, unfair usage of a well-known sign, misleading representation regarding the place of origin, imitation of the configuration of a third party’s product, etc.

                Revision of Unfair Competition Prevention Act

                In order to improve utilization of “data”, which can be an essential resource for company growth, METI revised the Unfair Competition Prevention Act in May 2018 toward efficient provision and utilization of data.

                *To express precisely what this is, we changed the name from “protected data” to “shared data with limited access” (Oct. 2020).

                About Trade Secret

                The Unfair Competition Prevention Act provides civil and criminal remedies in such cases where secret information of the company is stolen or disclosed illegaly. To protect information according to the Act, companies need to manage such data as “trade secrets”.

                Three requirements of trade secrets

                Booklet about Data Utilization

                Many companies, both data provider and data user, have issues and concerns about data utilization. In order to mitigate the concerns of companies and encourage data utilization, this booklet introduces key points to keep in mind and countermeasures when utilizing data.

                Press Releases and Related Information

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                Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

                Last updated:2021-07-29